Your IT Is Only As Secure As The Weakest Point

13 November 2017

One of the issues we’re most often asked to help with by potential new clients is security. It’s a topic close to my heart and if I’m honest the aspect of IT that I’ve always enjoyed the most.

Having to condense some useful advice into a couple of paragraphs is always difficult but I’d like to focus here purely on reinforcing the notion that systems are only as strong as the weakest point.

The security qualifications I gained not only take into consideration the security of the IT systems themselves but also the physical aspects of security at a business. The quality of the doors, the entry systems, fire considerations. These all need to be taken into consideration when building a secure IT system.

Anybody seriously looking to target and breach your company’s systems will look for what they consider to be the weakest point to exploit and that could be staff, physical security or the IT systems themselves.

One of the classic examples of a loophole is when a company spends a lot of money on a secure IT system but the tape backup drives that are taken offsite every night aren’t properly secured or might not even be encrypted!

Staff security training is another avenue which could be looked at and in my experience, is one of the best in value for money terms as human error is one of the most common entry methods into a system.

Everything needs to be looked at, considered and protected if it’s a cause for concern.

— Kurt Beaumont-Jones, Director