Outsourcing your IT support to Vigo IT Solutions

24 July 2017

We are awesome. We are sure you know that by now! But in case you didn’t… here are some reasons as to why we’d be the best IT support provider your Wirral, Cheshire or Merseyside business could wish for!

1. Reduction in staff costs (over hiring an IT manager)

Outsourcing your IT support to us at Vigo IT Solutions could have a beneficial impact on your accounts (and would also mean one happy bank manager for you!). Having your IT outsourced is extremely cost-efficient and our flexible rolling 30-day rolling service contracts enable small and big business alike to easily budget for this monthly expense.

Performing only the tasks you ask of us and carrying out work which suits your requirements, offering suggestions where necessary and auditing your systems whenever appropriate, can greatly reduce the cost of your IT both short and long term.

2. Technical genius

Now, you know us – we don’t like to blow our own trumpets (much!) but we know our stuff. We have a team of amazing engineers – and what they don’t know about network installation, IT support or security isn’t worth knowing!

With Vigo IT Solutions, you will receive not only the work you have paid for but also years’ worth of skill, knowledge and expertise. If you have a problem, more likely than not, we can fix it for you!

3. Friendly service – with a smile

We’re a cheerful bunch. Whilst we are IT nerds, we are also rather socially adept… surprising, we know!

What sets us apart from our IT competitors is that our clients become friends; we provide such wonderful customer care that is friendly and genuine. And when we ask about your recent holiday or wedding or big birthday you may rather forget, we really do want to know about it! We ask because we care.

How many other IT support companies can say that?

4. Latest tech and gadgets

As mentioned earlier, we know how many beans make five (five, surely?!) and this goes as far as the latest technology, products and applications.

We keep up to date on industry and manufacturer developments so we can offer solutions that you may not know even existed. This allows us to keep one step ahead of the competition and allows you to benefit from our knowledge. You’re welcome!

5. The world is your IT lobster

Whilst we don’t typically like the term ‘full service’, essentially, that is what we offer. From network installations to hardware sales, IT support and maintenance to security, strategy to telecoms, we provide the works!

At Vigo IT Solutions, the world is your lobster. Well, when it comes to IT, anyway!

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