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Kurt Beaumont-Jones
Kurt still clearly remembers receiving his first computer in 1982 (aged 8), a Sinclair ZX81 with a massive 16kb of memory. He was forced to learn about the inner workings of computers because that was the only way he could play computer games successfully and troubleshoot them!Despite trying to palm off the task of learning how to fix the computer to his younger brother he eventually ended up having to do it himself. With over 20 years in the industry he isn’t that fascinated by computers anymore, how he’s stayed in the industry this long is anyone’s guess. Some speak of dark pacts whilst others say he just realises he can’t do anything else!Kurt’s philosophy is that IT contributes to the success of a business and needs to align with the business goals in order to do so. IT isn’t cool or a trend, it’s a tool to help your business. He also hates unnecessary business jargon of any type, please use plain English when speaking to him.

Favourite food: curry (hot)

Dislikes: excessive noise and wasps

Star sign: Pisces

Friends would say he’s: relaxed and friendly

Mike Lewis
Mike was born in Wrexham in 1983. He’s always had a keen interest in how things work and spent much of his childhood and formative years tinkering with (and mostly breaking) computers – it’s the best way to learn he informs us! Due to his passion for business and computers he studied for a degree in Business & Computing, where, he not only achieved his honours degree but also a first class in pub studies, mostly due to his part-time job at the Pant-yr-Ochain in Gresford.Shortly after graduating an opportunity came along to join Scottish Power as a graduate IT Engineer and he leapt at the chance, it was upon joining the team at Scottish Power Mike and Kurt first worked together. It didn’t take long before they were putting ideas together for setting out on their own and by mid-2008 they formed Vigo.From a technical point of view he assures us that anything is possible, if you give him enough time… and a blank cheque. We have yet to test this theory…

Favourite food: Sunday Roast or crispy chilli beef from the Chinese takeaway

Dislikes: warm beer and bad driving

Star sign: Sagittarius

Friends would say he’s: confident, driven, nothing fazes him

Tom Barbat
IT Operations Manager
Tom has been working on computers for as long as he can remember. He looks back fondly on his memories of building his first computer with his Dad.Since joining Vigo five years ago in 2011, Tom has progressed from an apprentice to IT Operations Manager and is now looking after the day-to-day running of the Vigo service desk and overseeing projects.When Tom is not in work he enjoys running and keeping fit. He completed his first Marathon in 2015 in Las Vegas in 3 hours and 58 minutes and hopes do another one soon.During his time at Vigo, Tom has worked on many different aspects of the business from new systems deployment to sales and growing the services offered by Vigo including telecoms and broadband.

Favourite food: mussels

Dislikes: early mornings

Star sign: Gemini

Friends would say he’s: hardworking and driven

Michael Watson
Service Desk Team Leader
Michael is the latest young technician to take the IT world by storm... quite possibly the greatest legend in his own mind. Since joining Vigo, his IT skills have advanced at a rapid rate - now he can take on a wide variety of IT tasks... at the same time! Whilst still a young member of staff, Michael has learnt from the best and been trained thoroughly in the art of Vigo. Michael is never afraid to tackle any project placed before him and tries to carry out all tasks with as much dedication as possible.Michael is quite possibly one the most laid back human beings on the planet, his pulse rate is so low it simply doesn’t register. This coupled with his unusual diet does at times lead his colleagues to question whether he could be classed as human.Regardless, Michael is a well-loved and highly regarded member of the team and can probably repair a laptop screen faster than anybody else at Vigo. His only weakness is sharing the same first name as one of our Directors!

Favourite food: everything?!

Dislikes: early mornings

Star sign: Capricorn

Friends would say he: sings to himself while he works

Dan McDonagh
Technical Lead
Dan has had an interest in technology since a young age. Taking on work experience in 2010 was just the start of his journey with Vigo - he continued with work experience in school holidays throughout the next few years, which led to the opportunity to become a member of the team! Having been taught from the ground up by the best, Dan’s IT skills have come on a long way since then.When he isn’t in work he is often out on his bike, cycling through as many miles as the British weather will allow. He also spends a lot of time listening to music or going out with friends.

Favourite food: not fussy

Dislikes: cinemas and anything that is slow

Star sign: Capricorn

Friends would say he’s: dedicated and helpful

Thomas Finch
Field Service Engineer
Thomas has always been interested in computers, taking them apart at a very young age. Building his first with the aid of his dad at the age of 8 and since then he has developed his skills through personal research and dedication to the learning of new changes in technology.Ask him anything and he will probably know something about it!Currently developing his role as a IT Engineer, learning and becoming a great asset to the Vigo Team.

Favourite food: sausage, mash and gravy

Dislikes: bad cable management

Star sign: Leo

Friends would say he’s: what friends?!

Steven Patterson
Field Service Engineer
Steven is a self confessed nerd who loves all things IT, especially stuff that is a challenge!The one thing that drove Steven towards a career in IT is that the learning curve is never-ending... just when you think you’ve got to known a certain technology, its successor appears and the learning curve starts all over again.Roll on the release of IPv12!

Favourite food: tuna mayo pasta

Dislikes: false alerts and warm beer

Star sign: Gemini

Friends would say he’s: a joker and good with IT skills, which is a bonus!

Jamie Harrison
Customer Relationship Manager
Growing up with a love for tech, it has taken Jamie until the age of 25 to begin his career in IT. With a passion for efficiencies and improving processes, he makes sure people get value for money.Jamie plays football and has the burden of being an Everton supporter. When he isn’t focused on football, he is running and training for his next half or full marathon.Having spent three years working at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, Jamie has gained a range of experience helping businesses grow and develop, as well as playing a key role in various projects.

Favourite food: anything available, the more the better

Dislikes: people indicating in turn only lanes (where else can they go?!)

Star sign: Gemini

Friends would say he’s: laid back

Mel O'Connor
Head of Corporate and Compliance

Mel worked for many years in Wirral Council supporting young people through activities such as school work experience and apprenticeship programmes, where she first met Kurt when Vigo IT took on their first apprentice in 2008. She also has 10 years’ experience of managing teams, as well as delivering business and tender writing support, business growth and organisational improvement advice. Mel joined Vigo in February 2018, leading the Compliance Team who support local companies to achieve and maintain their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliance through audits, recommendations, advice and Data Protection Officer services. (Although she can’t believe she is old enough!) When she’s not in work, Mel is a proud Nana to her two grandchildren.

Favourite food: mushroom risotto

Dislikes: drivers who don’t use their indicators

Star sign: Sagittarius

Friends would say she’s: got a good sense of humour

Simon Richardson
Compliance Analyst
Simon has been tinkering with electronics for as long as he can remember. His insatiable desire to learn has served him well with computers, spurring him to build a knowledge base sufficient to launch his career in IT. He spent two years roaming the Wirral fixing people’s computers before being tamed and set to use at Vigo.In his off time he plays video games, reads more than is probably healthy and spends far too much time helping his family with computer problems. Simon will happily talk to people about almost anything, although don’t ask him about keyboards unless you’re willing to sit through a lecture!

Favourite food: pizza

Dislikes: bad arguments and spiders

Star sign: Gemini

Friends would say he’s: friendly and loyal

Carl Mercer
Service Desk Analyst
Carl has always had a keen interest in technology - ever since he was first introduced to a computer back in his early days. With some time and determination, Carl built his first computer with some help from a few friends and since then, it has never left his side. At the age of 18, Carl left secondary school after finishing his A-Levels and went straight into starting his apprenticeship at Vigo as a Junior IT Engineer.While he isn’t tinkering with electronic or helping his family solve IT problems, Carl enjoys playing poker with friends, whether it be on a competitive or friendly level. Although he can be a pretty big risk taker occasionally, he will always find some way to come out on top.

Favourite food: anything chicken

Dislikes: hot drinks

Star sign: Aries

Friends would say he’s: very competitive

Henry Maidment
Service Desk Analyst
From a young age, Henry has had a keen interest in all things technical. One of the first pictures of him is with his dad sitting at a computer. Henry enjoys playing about with broken things and gets a great deal of satisfaction from making something work by himself. The only thing he really dislikes fixing is unnecessarily complicated laptops. Innumerable times things have been taken apart in his home, much to the chagrin of everybody else living there! When he isn’t in work he can usually be found at the park or on the beach, spending time with his family and, more importantly, his dog.

Favourite food: pizza

Dislikes: bad drivers

Star sign: Pisces

Friends would say he’s: loyal

Scott Bradshaw
Scott was born in 1999 and has grown up using computers for both leisure and educational purposes. After completing his A-Levels in 2017, Scott is looking forward to learning from the finest at Vigo while completing an apprenticeship in Business Administration, which aligns with his keen interest in all things business.In his spare time, Scott likes to stay active by taking part in sports, with football topping the list. Either that or sitting on the couch watching films and eating chocolate!

Favourite Food: Indian or sweet and sour chicken

Dislikes: roller coasters and spiders

Star sign: Cancer

Friends would say he’s: laid back and friendly