Meet the Team

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Kurt Beaumont-Jones
Managing Director

Alfa Romeo aficionado, Kurt could be one of the most laidback MDs on the planet. Motivating and leading a team is what he likes to do best.
Avid reader, gamer, footballer, boxer, he even tries to kill himself on his BMX from time to time.
He dislikes pretentious business speak so use plain English when conversing with him!

Tom Barbat
IT Operations Director
Tom has been Vigo’s IT Operations Director for the last year and has been with the company for over 10 Years starting as apprentice in 2011. Looking after the projects and support teams, Tom is always committed to doing the best for our customers and leading and motivating his team. When he isn’t at work, he can be found enjoying a craft beer, renovating houses, or improving his cooking skills.
Michael Watson
IT Support Manager

8 years, is that really how long it's been? It certainly has for Mike Watson, a classics rags to riches story. From Citroen Saxo to Mazda 6 and beyond. Mike currently heads up the Service Desk as IT Support Manager. When he's not working (and when isn't he working?) he can be found knee deep in Guinness at the local drinking establishment or at home, gaming the night away.

Thomas Finch
IT Project Manager

Thomas loves problem solving and has always taken things apart to see how they work before fixing them back up again. Luckily, he’s also pretty good at keeping our IT Projects work and team together too. Thomas finds that caring and sharing come naturally to him… as do massive brews and hearty lunches!

Dan McDonagh
Technical Lead

Dan is Vigo’s Technical Lead and the self-confessed geek of the office who can regularly be ‘lost’ for hours trying to beat a knotty problem. Outside of work he uses the gym or running to refocus his mind and body, which also allows him to sample copious coffees (and new menus!) at his family’s cafe and try out lots of local independent restaurants in Liverpool.

Steven Patterson
Solutions Architect

If he wasn’t so good at his IT Projects Engineer role, Ste would probably start a travel business, with his main customer being himself! Generous to a fault, laid-back and with no time for ego or politics, some would say he is a joker (but he could just be the Ace of Hearts). He looks forward to meeting you…if he’s not on holiday!

Mel O'Connor
Head of Corporate

Readaholic (especially popular science and historical fiction – but she also enjoys a good detective yarn!), Mel works to support our people development and quality improvement, along with data protection policy support for our customers. She is a keen cook, and being the oldest in the team, often shares recipes (what’s for tea tonight!?!) and lifehacks with our technical guys.

Running around splashing barefoot on the beach with her grandkids? Yep, she does that too.

James Williams
Technical Sales Manager

As Vigo’s Technical Sales Manager, when he’s not at his desk looking for ways to help our customers with anything they need, James can probably be found at the gym or eating (let’s face it, he’s probably eating at his desk too!). Feel free to drop him a message with a question or even for a chat.

Carl Mercer
Senior Service Desk Analyst

Carl is a devoted member of Vigo who spends his days as a Senior Engineer on our Service Desk. On the days he's not closing tickets, he enjoys spending time attending conventions or browsing the local games shop. Carl is an easy going individual who dislikes and avoids hostility – maybe it’s because he’s a brown belt in Jujitsu!

Henry Maidment
Support Field Engineer

Connoisseur of good tech and excellent pizza eater, Henry has fond memories of playing around with computers from an early age, building his first at age 10 (hey, who says Lego computers are rubbish!). When he’s not indoors in front of or behind a computer, Henry likes to be outdoors hiking and/or camping, especially in Wales. Which maybe makes sense as he is our FIELD Support Engineer.

Scott Bradshaw
Project Engineer

An IT Projects Engineer, Scott can be found playing football most nights of the week…and watching footie when he’s off the pitch! He also loves driving since passing his test in early 2019, which is handy as he works all over Merseyside setting up new equipment and running cables across Merseyside with the projects team.

Donny Hoek
Service Desk Analyst

One of our hard-working Service Desk Technicians, Donny likes to put the focus on first class customer service. Renowned with us for his dry sense of humour and his dad jokes, Donny loves a good laugh (and a chocolate Hob Nob!). Outside of work he likes to either tinker away on his computers until the early hours or scavenge for new music on the web.

Jamie Watson
Service Desk Analyst

A Service Desk Analyst who likes to ensure customers leave with a smile on their face, Jamie has a passion for programming, AI and all things IT-related.  He loves, lives and breathes music (is that even possible?), and plays piano. So, when he’s not at work you’ll find him either on his pc, at a sound recording desk or exploring music genres.

Michael Ryle
IT Apprentice

Probably the oldest Apprentice Vigo IT has recruited – Michael is experiencing new ground into the IT industry after spending 4 years in the Aerospace and Defence sector. In his spare time Michael can be found living his second life in Azeroth on his Dwarf Hunter in World of Warcraft. He is polite and is always willing to help anyone in need when they ask.

Sam Noble
Service Desk Analyst

The latest hardworking Service Desk Analyst who strives to give 100% into providing the best service possible. Sam is the typical technology nerd, with interests in gaming, TV shows and movies along with anything technology related. He also has a passion for driving cars (especially his BMW) and watching Motorsports. Outside of work, you will always find him at his PC or on his phone, reading or watching anything related to his interests.

Kurtis Allman
Junior IT Engineer

Currently learning about all aspects of our IT work, Kurtis is enjoying exploring and getting involved in the whole range of services we deliver, from machine builds to sales and website development - and lots in between.  Outside of work, Kurtis’ main likes are also nerd-related – whether that’s gaming, coding, tweaking his computer or spending equal amounts of time breaking and making things. He’s polite, super-intelligent and game for a laugh. He’ll also Never Walk Alone.

Enrico Shen
Trainee IT Technician

One of the newest additions to the team, Enrico is Vigo's resident Italian foodie. He is an adventurer at heart who is just now jumping back into IT after nearly a decade of working all kinds of non-IT jobs, and he has a lot of catching up to do! Luckily he is a very quick learner and has an insatiable curiosity for all things IT related.

When not in the office pestering his fellow colleagues with questions, he likes to try out new cooking recipes, take road trips around England or play Dungeons and Dragons. Is it Thursday yet?

Rhys Shellie
Trainee IT Technician
The newest of the apprentices ready to give the old boys a run for their money. Rhys’s commitment to his role as a techy is second to none as he knows how frustrating it is when things go wrong. When he isn’t working, he will never be far from his computer or his bunny (Theo), unless he is stand up paddle boarding be it wind, rain or shine!