We believe that Vigo is unlike (m)any other IT companies in our ethos and the way we work. We take our work very seriously and we know we’re good at it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and enjoy what we do and deal with customers in a friendly, relaxed, efficient manner. As a company we have a manifesto that we look to follow at all times.

It might come across as a bit crazy but we’re unashamed about doing things our way and differently to the majority of the IT support services industry. Gone are the old IT company stereotypes and we want your experience of dealing with Vigo IT Solutions to be unique (in a positive way!). To see how some of our existing clients have found our IT support services, check out our testimonials page.


We aim for our customers to associate Vigo with awesomeness, so we aim to be awesome at all times by making these pledges to you:

Our service to you is of paramount importance and we will always do our utmost to make you happy

We will always greet you with a smile, no matter how badly our day might be going

We will always be clear about what you can expect from us

We will always use non-technical speak when we communicate with you over the phone, by email, face to face or on our website

We will always ask you for your suggestions, feedback and input

We will never, ever sell you anything that we know you don’t actually need or that won’t add value to your business

We aim for Vigo to be like no other place that our employees have worked in before, and we make these pledges to you:

We will maintain Vigo’s approach of being an extraordinary place to work

We will always ensure that your happiness and wellbeing is put above a bigger profit

We will ensure that all staff are heard and respected

We will always ask you for your feedback and we encourage (expect!) you to contribute

We will always be good role models for taking pride in our work, valuing others and supporting teamwork

We aim to achieve our quality standards and to making sure that our customers’ requirements are being met, and we make these pledges:

To set our business objectives in the right context for our business

To work, day and night (even in our dreams if we need to) to come up with new and exciting ideas to continue to improve our services

To seek, listen and act on feedback from our team, our customers, our suppliers and our community, because every suggestion could lead to a great idea (and often does)

To review this Manifesto every year to make sure it still reflects our awesomeness